The Company, founded in 1952 by Giuseppe Mangini, has always operated in the maritime and industrial field. In particular, it started its expansion in the port of Genoa, where it is still based today, following the developments and changes in transport and logistics modes and adapting to the new needs of the Client.

The Company works for several Italian and foreign Insurance Companies, Port Terminal Operators, P&I Clubs, Shipping Agencies, Freight Forwarders and industrial groups. In addition to the usual sectors of goods transport, hull & machinery and pleasure boating, attendance at loading and discharging operations, since 1970, thanks to the Founder’s managerial intuition, the Company has integrated the technical expertise activities by expanding the range of services offered to its Clients.

Since 1980, the Company has increased its activities by also providing data acquisition, processing and statistical analysis in order to support the Clients in improving their corporate standards.

Since the early 2000s, the Company has developed its own software, which is constantly updated, for proper data management.

For our Clients we carry out the full management of litigation, regarding loss prevention, damage assessment, statistical cataloguing of claims, drafting of survey reports, settlement of damages and redress actions.

In recent years, the Company has acquired new primary Clients thanks to the continuous pursuit of high company standards.